Screw Piers are an amazingly versatile form of foundations with a wide range of applications.

See below how they can benefit you

  • New Factories and Warehouses

  • Pre - Fab accomadation

  • Mining Camps

  • Showrooms

  • Extensions and refurbs to existing structures

  • Schools

  • Foundations for temporary structures

  • Contaminated Sites

  • Temporary Stadiums

  • Environmentally sensitive sites

  • Temporary works 

Cost savings are still in the order of 15 – 30% depending on the pile loads and soil strata.

Piles in this sector are usually constructed in a much more professional manner often supervised by competent Geo – Technical Engineers so from a functionality perspective Screw Piles offer the same performance as a Grout or Concrete Pile.


Screw Piles do how ever offer significant cost savings particularly when the loads are less than 1000kN SWL or the piles need to be constructed in unstable or water charged soils.


A big advantage in this market is the rate at which Screw Piles can be installed when compare with other alternatives. Conservatively between 20 – 25 800 kN piles can be installed per day depending on depth and soil strata with little or no spoil generated.


These installation rates as well as the cost saving’s associated with out having to remove significant amounts of spoil make Screw Piles an attractive alternative.


It is also worth considering Screw Piling rigs do not require the construction of working platforms which can also add significant costs to a project.

Ground Control Managements is an active participant in the commercial and Infrastructure sectors working at all levels from consultancy through to the delivery of the finished package.


We have over 19 years experience in the design, engineering, manufacture, supply and installation of  Screw Pile Systems.


We have a proven track record through out a the multitude of projects delivered on time and with in budget for commercial builders such as Richard Crookes Constructions, Kell & Rigby, Hansen Yuncken, Leightons, ADCO, Thiess, John Holland Group and many others.


The GCM screw pile system has proven to be an economical solution for piling ‘Problem’ sites such as,

contaminated ground, filled land, water charged or saturated soils and deep sands, difficult access and

low head height areas etc. It can also be a “less cost” solution for a typical grout injected or bored pile



We work with a number of Engineering Houses to ensure that GCM P/L is a

true design & construct contractor.



  • Residential housing​

  • infrastructure

  • Anchoring

  • Portable buildings

  • Board walks

  • Light towers  & signage

  • Swimming pools

A properly designed and installed Screw Pile package will save your business between

15%– 30%, They also offer a superior foundation to concrete piers, which are commonly constructed by unlicensed and poorly supervised excavator operators, risking differential settlement issues and severe cracking in your building.


Concrete piles in the residential sector are also often poorly constructed due to insufficient operator training and inappropriate equipment.


They are usually not installed deep enough to enable them to protect the structure from changing moisture conditions found in the YS moisture zone which varies from 1500 mm – 3200 mm across NSW.

How beneficial can using screw piers be?


  • cost effective

  • quick to install

  • reduce vibration

  • minimal spoil produced

  • work well in all conditions, particularly in soft, wet and collapsing soils.

  • a good option for difficult to access projects

GCM P100 Pile spec.png